At Amanda Stevenson Photo we've mastered full service still and video production. Having over 22 years of experience in professional photography, Amanda uses her diligent nature and artistic vision to collaborate with her clients to display the still and video imagery in various publications and exhibitions around the world. Her team has the video production skills that you need to elevate your brand above the rest, gain more exposure to untapped clientele, and expanding profit margins so that your business can realize its true potential.

  • Amanda Stevenson Photography is PAUCP DBE Certified
  • amanda@amandastevensonpohoto.com
  • 215. 627. 3777
  • Amanda Stevenson Photo is a comprehensive commercial studio located in Philadelphia Specializing in imaging (work) for advertisement, portraiture, and fine art. Committed to providing the best professional practices in conjunction with the most current technology and industry know how. We are capable of, but not limited to, providing the following services:

    • Direct
    • Edit
    • Audio
    • Project Management
    • Production Team
    • Model Casting
    • Props/Styling
    • Extensive Location Scouting
    • Gourmet/Specialty Catering
    • Location/Studio Lighting
    • All photographic formats and digital capture:
    • Digital Workflow, Optimizing, Retouching, HDR,
    • Color Correction, Compositing, Motion Graphics,
    • Output, Archiving, Customized Client Web Galleries,
    • Digital Delivery

    Working hands-on with our clients allows us to collaboratively determine the optimal solution to any job.

    If you require services not listed above- drop us a line, we would love to see how we can help.

  • American Heart Association
  • BPG Properties
  • Cox Communications
  • Flashes of Hope
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • Harper Collins Publishing
  • Interweave Knits
  • London Sunday Times
  • Miller Lite
  • New Yorker
  • Penguin Group Publishing
  • Think Publishing
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • US Marine Corp
  • West Capital Management